SCOPE, the Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment, is an international and cross-sectoral network of experts in the field of the environment and ecology. SCOPE develops state‐of‐the‐art scientific understanding of environmental issues to better meet policy and development needs
  • based on a robust science‐driven agenda relevant to policy development;
  • responding to regional priorities to deliver insights of global significance;
  • providing rapid assessments of key environmental issues;
  • linking research outputs to the end users; and
  • guiding research processes founded on partnerships.
SCOPE’s current science portfolio is characterized by the formulation of balanced appraisals, stimulation of new approaches, identification of research needs, and recommendations for the sound management of the Earth resources. The SCOPE network of scientists also contributes their expertise to certain outreach activities, within international intergovernmental or non-governmental programmes, and closely collaborates with partner organizations.
Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment
SCOPE Secretariat—c/o UNESCO
Bât. 7, room 3.16
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75732 Paris Cedex 15, France
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