Dr Helaina Black

The James Hutton Institute, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Email: helaina.black@hutton.ac.uk

Member of the Scientific Advisory Committee and Author of the SCOPE Rapid Assessment Project on the Benefits of Soil Carbon


Dr Helaina Black’s research experience in soil ecology and environmental science spans 25 years with extensive practical experience in both temperate and tropical ecosystems. Her current research is primarily centred on the role of soils in supporting ecosystem services, indicators of soil quality and the role of soil biodiversity in ecosystem function. This research is typically multidisciplinary in nature and leads her to work with colleagues from social, economics and environmental sciences. Helaina coordinates the current Scottish Government RESAS work-package on Ecosystem Services Assessment which includes research into good ecological status of soils and developing a soil monitoring action plan for Scotland. Her publications range from scientific journals, commercial contract reports, policy briefing notes to popular press articles. She contributes to the international and RCUK peer-review processes, to journal refereeing and management and is actively involved with scientific and policy-related committees in Scotland, UK and internationally.