Dr Heitor L. C. Coutinho

National Centre for Soil Research (Embrapa Soils)

Email: heitor.coutinho@embrapa.br

Lead author to the SCOPE Rapid Assessment Project on the Benefits of Soil Carbon



Heitor graduated in Agronomy in 1990, at the Rural Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, with a PhD in Biological Sciences at the University of Bristol, England, in 1993. He was supervised by Sir John Beringer, and his thesis was on the study of how soybean bradyrhizobia inoculant strains adapted to the Cerrado soils and crop management interventions, such as liming. He is currently a Researcher of the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation, and based at the National Centre for Soil Research (Embrapa Soils). He has experience in soil science with emphasis in Land Use Change Impact Assessment and Soil Ecology. His main research lines are environmental impact assessment and monitoring of agricultural land use and soil management activities, with a focus on soil quality and ecosystem services. Recently he has been involved in the development and application of participatory methodologies for soil quality and sustainability impact assessments.