Ciro Gardi

European Commission – Joint Research Centre, Institute for Environment and Sustainability - Land Resources Management Unit, ITALY


Workshop participant to the SCOPE Rapid Assessment Project on the Benefits of Soil Carbon



Ciro Gardi  graduated in Agricultural Science at Bologna University in 1990, with a thesis in Pedology  (Pedological study of Tombouctou region – Mali).

1991 – 1994: Research assistantship on the environmental fate of pesticides – Bologna University

1994 – 1997: PhD in Crop Science: researches on the relationships between land use, agronomic management and water quality – Bologna University, Washington State University

1998 – 2006: Contract professor of Soil Science at Parma University, where he does research activity on the relationships between land use, agronomic management and soil quality, with particular emphasis on soil organic matter and soil biodiversity. He did also research activities in the fields of sustainable agriculture and soil conservation. He taught in international masters and courses.

Since 1988 he has acquired significant experience on soil survey, carried out in Italy and abroad. He has experience in the use of GIS and Remote Sensing application. He has got experience in international cooperation and he did consultancy for the European Commission, World Bank and OECD.

Since May 2008 he works as national expert at Institute for Environment and Sustainability, Land Management and Natural Hazard unit, and he is responsible of Soil Biodiversity Project. He is also actively involved in research soil sealing and its impact on Ecosystem Services delivery.