Pierre-Alain Maron

INRA, France

Email: Pierre-Alain.Maron@dijon.inra.fr

Lead author to the SCOPE Rapid Assessment Project on the Benefits of Soil Carbon


Pierre-Alain Maron is a research scientist from INRA research department Environment and Agronomy. He took his position in the laboratory of Microbiology of Soil and Environment (INRA Dijon, France) in august 2005 after a PhD performed in the laboratory of Microbial Ecology (CNRS-University Claude-Bernard, Lyon1, France) and a two years post-doctoral position at the INRA centre of Dijon. His scientific topics deal with the functional ecology of the microbial communities involved in the fate of organic maters in soil (mineralization vs. storage). For this goal, he uses approaches of functional ecology like environmental metaproteomics to characterize the functional diversity of soil microbial communities. In the context of the Genosol platform, he has expertise in studies involving the functional characterization of indigenous communities.