Pan Genxing

Nanjing Agricultural University


Lead author to the SCOPE Rapid Assessment Project on the Benefits of Soil Carbon


Genxing Pan is a Science Leader in the study of agriculture and climate change in Nanjing Agricultural University, China. His primary speciality has been ranged from applied biogeochemistry of C cycling to C sequestration and dynamics in agro-ecosystems focusing on rice paddies of China, of which the most recent focus include long-term monitoring of soil organic matter accumulation in agro-ecosystem and the functioning and eco-services for crop production and agro-sustainability. He leads an interdisciplinary group working on greenhouse gases emission from croplands and mitigation countermeasures as well as on mitigation of climate change impact on agriculture recently. He has also specific interest and expertise on technical options and policy consultancy for mitigation of climate change with reduction of greenhouse gases emission from and enhancing crop production for agriculture of China. In particular, in basic science research, he has been working to create a soil organic carbon sequestration mechanic model with emphasis on soil-crop-soil microbe interactions of rice agriculture. For the last years, his group has been leading the research and technology development in biochar and the application in agriculture. For better C management in agriculture, he has led the group in working out counting methodologies of C effects by recommended fertilization, conservation tillage and straw fuel as well as crop pyrolysis and biochar amendment in agriculture.