Dr Wendelin Wichtmann

Michael Succow Foundation, Greifswald, Germany

Email: wendelin.wichtmann@succow-stiftung.de

Member of the Scientific Advisory Committee and Author of the SCOPE Rapid Assessment Project on the Benefits of Soil Carbon


Wendelin studied Agronomy and Agricultural Sciences (Kiel). He worked on soil physical problems like water retention and conductivity of unsaturated mineral soils as well as on optimisation of nutrient retention of constructed wetlands. His doctorate dealt with “Solute movement from drained arable soils to discharge systems” in 1994. Then Wendelin changed to Greifswald University being responsible for the application and management of research projects, mainly dealing with the management and utilisation of marginal lands (peatlands and sandy soils as well) with respect to economic, environmental and sustainability aspects.

Since the establishment of the non profit association DUENE e.V. (Institute for sustainable development of landscapes of the earth) in 1999 he leads this association as honorary chief executive officer in close cooperation with its board. Employments changed between Greifswald University, DUENE e.V. and Michael Succow Foundation, also a non profit organization which has been founded at the Botanical Institute of Greifswald University. Currently Wendelin is working for Greifswald University within the “paludi-pellets project” on sustainable fuels from wet peatlands and for Michael Succow Foundation, mainly in the EU-Aid sponsored project “Wetland Energy” which aims to replace peat as a raw material for briquettes production in Belarus by biomass from paludiculture.